Behind the Scenes: Matt Slick Refuted

If you have not read or watched my objections to Slick’s argument, then this will make less than no sense. But if you have and want to know more, then you’re in the right place!

So for a bit of context, I’ve been a fan enduring watching Matt Slick for a number of years. But after watching his exchange (because I can’t exactly call it a debate) with Redline that was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I had to do something.  It was just so obvious that Slick was being, as his name might suggest incredibly slick with an argument he has been using that I just had to formulate some form of response. So the argument in question is the transcendental argument for the existence of God and Slick has been using the argument for years. But before I could make a video (I’ve never been great for having my finger on the pulse) Slick was absolutely schooled with an excellent response from philosopher Alex Malpass, which is always worth a watch if you want to watch Slick squirm!

After watching this, Alex put things so simply that even a Chimp could understand it, so of course Slick couldn’t follow it. But it made me think that maybe I could explain it in even simpler terms so that he could understand. Let’s just say the jury is out on that one.

But after watching Alex’s exchange with Slick, it got me thinking let’s not just explain the two objections Alex raised, but go through everything wrong with his argument. So I have identified at least 11 objections to Slick’s argument. And that’s even before we get into the issue of the fact Slick doesn’t have even a basic understanding of logic, metaphysics, ontology or epistemology! With all that being said, I’m more than prepared to educate Slick… After all I don’t debate, I explain why I’m right!